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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Northshore Youth Soccer Association (NYSA)!  All great soccer players, young and old, have one thing in common: a safe and supportive environment where they are able to express their passion for the game.  NYSA is committed to providing an atmosphere that supports your child’s development on the field and helping them develop a lifelong love of the game.  To support this process NYSA, a registered 501c3, relies on hundreds of volunteer coaches who have a commitment to continuous education, supportive parents who respect all aspects of the game, and thousands of players who are committed to participating and growing to the best of their abilities.  Playing soccer with NYSA is a great way for your child to stay fit and develop athleticism and coordination while building lasting friendships.

NYSA's basic mission is supported by a variety of people, systems, and mechanisms. We offer the following series of topics in the Parent Segment of our site to explain, document, and describe how we operate:


NYSA offers a variety of programs beginning with U6 all the way through U19.  Our most popular program, fall soccer, breaks players down by age and gender.  To ensure that all players get the necessary time with their coach, can get touches on the ball, and adequate playing time to develop their skills NYSA offers mod-soccer to U6-U12.  By U13 players are participating in traditional 11v11 games on full sided fields.  The chart below shows the birth year of children and what age group they would fall in:


Recreational fall registration is available beginning April 1st and our early bird registration runs until May 31st.  To register for fall soccer or for camps and clinics click on the “Register” tab to create or sign in to your account account.  After you have logged in, you are ready to register your child(ten).  At this time you will see the various programs, camps, and activities available for his or her age group.



  • NYSA relies heavily on volunteers to make our program a success. Coaches, mangers, tournament volunteers, and board members are always needed! For more information on how you can make a difference, please contact the NYSA office at [email protected] or 425-486-5106 and we will help connect you with the connect you with support staff to get you on your way as a volunteer with NYSA.


U6 teams have a 30 minute practice followed by a 30 minute game during the week. The boys U6 teams will be on Tuesday nights at North Creek #2 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm or 6:30pm to 7:30pm. The girls U6 teams will be on Thursday nights at North Creek #2 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm or 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Starts the Tuesday or Thursday after Labor Day and goes for 8 weeks.

U7 to U9 teams play games on Saturdays in Sept and Oct.
U10 teams play games on Saturdays in Sept and Oct plus 2 games on Sundays in late Sept/mid Oct.
U11 and U12 teams play games on Saturdays in Sept and Oct plus 2 games during the week (Tues - Thurs) in late Sept/mid Oct.
U13 teams play games on Saturdays in Sept to mid-Nov.
Girls U14 and U15 teams play games on Saturdays in Sept to mid-Nov.
Girls U16 to U19 teams play games on Sundays in Sept to mid-Nov.
Boys U14 to U19 teams play games on Sundays in Sept to mid-Nov.

Why do U10 teams play 2 games on Sunday and the U11 and U12 teams play 2 games during the week? The reasons are a) grass fields tend to be closed for the year at the end of October due to weather and b) there are not enough turf fields in November. So in order to play 10 games, 2 games need to be played on Sundays or during the week.

Select and Premier Teams

Select U10 to U14 teams play on Saturdays in Sept to mid-Dec.
Select boys U15 to U19 and girls U15 teams play on Sundays in Sept to mid-Dec.
Select girls U16 to U19 teams play on Sundays in mid-Jan to late March.

Premier U9 to U14 teams play mostly on Saturdays in Sept to mid-Nov and late Jan to mid-April.
Premier boys U15 to U19 teams play mostly on Sundays in Sept to mid-Nov and mid-Jan to late Feb.
Premier girls U15 to U19 teams play mostly on Sundays in mid-Jan to late March.


For information on how to become a Referee, please see the Referee tab.

  •  To referee matches for NYSA, you must be 13 years old or older, attend a Grade 8 referee clinic, and pass the examination at the end of the clinic. 


NYSA usually offers the Grade 8 referee clinics (note: referee grades are not related to school grade levels). NYSA typically offers the referee clinics in May, July and August. Also other soccer associations offer referee clinics and it does not matter which soccer association you take the referee clinic from. You can referee anywhere in Washington State and for any soccer association. To see a listing of all the referee clinics offered in Washington, please go to,and click on Clinics/Events, then click on Entry -- Never been ... (no need to log on). Watch for announcements on the NYSA website and in the NYSA Newsletter for exact dates and times that NYSA will be offering referee clinics. 

The Grade 8 clinic is typically one day (8:30am to 5:00pm) classroom and on-field instruction with a written exam at the end of the day. It covers the Laws of the Game, game situations, and how to interpret the Laws. Also prior to the clinic there is about 3 hours of video that you will need to watch. 

Grade 8 referees can center referee (CR) and assistant referee (AR) any age level recreational and select/premier games (assuming the referee has sufficient refereeing experience). 


There are annual and one time costs of:
1) The Grade 8 clinic fee is typically $70.00 (USSF registration fee $55+$15 Clinic Fee) to be paid online during the registration process.
2) All Grade 8 referees pay an annual $55 USSF registration fee.
3) One time cost of purchasing your Referee Uniform -- typically $40. A representative from Winners Sportswear sometimes comes to the referee clinic and you can purchase a referee kit then. Or you can purchase uniforms online through Whistleline or purchase retail through Soccer West or another retail outlet.


NYSA pays:
1) Referees to referee U9 to U19 soccer games as a center referee (CR) or assistant referee (AR).
2) a $50 referee bonus for referees that referee (CR or AR) 15 or games during the fall season through December 31. The bonus is typically paid in the week following the month in which the 15th game is refereed.
3) Pay range is $15-$65 per match depending on the age level of the match and referee position.


All fundraising events/projects must be approved by NYSA via the fundraising form (click on the arrow for the fundraising form). Chances are that something like a carwash or sweatshirt sale will not take more than a few moments to approve. Something more complex needs to be evaluated to make sure our insurance and field agreements will not be in jeopardy. We need to make sure anything done under the NYSA and/or club name is recorded and approved.

At no time can a raffle or concession sale take place without the proper permits (gambling permit for a raffle and health department permit for food).

All funds raised by the event/project must be deposited into the NYSA account and will be earmarked and held exclusively for use by that club or team. Similarly any donations should be deposited to NYSA and held for use by the club or team.



The Northshore Youth Soccer Association functions much like a co-op in one major way: NYSA is run by the members. From team snack person to the NYSA President, all are members (and usually parents). As you will see from the following description of how NYSA functions, this requires the volunteer help of thousands of people. NYSA would not exist without that volunteer participation.

Note: Anyone working, in any way, with children within NYSA is required to complete a national background check (RMA) through the WA Youth Soccer Affinity Sports System. 


At the top of the Northshore Youth Soccer Association pyramid is the NYSA Board of Directors. Officers include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar. Club Presidents are NYSA Board members and represent their clubs. There are also several at large members including two youth board members.

The Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month and is responsible for compliance with all NYSA, Washington Youth Soccer, USYSA, USSF, and FIFA rules. The Board oversees NYSA's business and operations.

NYSA is a member association of Washington Youth Soccer. Washington Youth Soccer is divided into seven administrative Districts - each overseen by a District Commissioner. NYSA is in District 2, with Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association (LWYSA), Eastside Youth Soccer Association (EYSA), and Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association (SVYSA).


NYSA is divided into clubs for administrative purposes. NYSA has 4 Clubs for the U6 to U12 recreation players: Bothell, Inglemoor, North Creek, and Woodinville Clubs. These clubs are formed around the Northshore School District's elementary school feeder pattern to the high schools.

United Club serves the U13 through U19 recreational players. The NSC club is NYSA's select program for U10 to U19 teams; and the Sound FC Club is NYSA's premier program for U9 through U19 players.

The Sound FC and NSC clubs meet monthly while the rec clubs meet monthly prior to, during, and after the fall season to get input from the clubs and attend to club business. Your Club is your communication link with the NYSA. All teams should have a coach and, ideally, a manager attend these meetings. The Club meetings (and email communications) are NYSA's vital link to its membership.

Clubs are responsible for many administrative and association duties. Those duties can include: overseeing the club's returning and new player registration, finding coaches, allocating practice fields, soliciting referees to referee games that do not have a referee, lining fields, etc.

Club officers can include President, VP's (that match NYSA's VPs), Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar (Club registrars serve under the NYSA Registrar). Other jobs include: Referee Assignor, Equipment Manager, Practice Field Scheduling, Risk Management, etc.


All teams must have a coach and preferably, an assistant coach. Coaches must become licensed through the appropriate coach license clinic offered by NYSA.

Coaches plan and run practices each week, coach the weekend games, and attend the appropriate coach training offered by NYSA. Coaches are  responsible for maintaining proper behavior on their team's sidelines at games.

NYSA strongly recommends that each team have a manager. Managers (or team parents as they are sometimes called) do the organizational work for the coach and attend club meetings with the coach. Managers distribute information, coordinate uniform purchase (if necessary), coordinate team travel (if necessary), distribute game schedules, and find other team parents to handle additional tasks such as picture person, snack person, and parent referee.

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