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What Levels of Play are Offered by NYSA?Printable

The NYSA programs are divided into various levels:

  1. U6 ProgramMore
  2. U7 to U11 mod recreational soccer
  3. U12 to U19 recreational soccer
  4. U10 to U19 premier soccer with FC Alliance
  5. U11 to U19 select soccer with NSC

The U6 program is a developmental program and begins the second or third week in September. Players are grouped into small teams of 5-6 players and the main focus is to have FUN. They play once a week for one hour on a weeknight typically starting at 5:30 or 6:30 pm. The boys are on one night (Mondays) and the girls are on a different night (Wednesdays). The first half hour is devoted to learning skills and the second half hour they play a game against another team. Parents volunteer to coach, are given free training, that night's practice plan, and each night there are mentor coaches to help the coach run the practice. It is a great opportunity for all to learn soccer!

U6 to U11 mod recreational soccer

Teams at U6 & U7 play 3-a-side soccer and progress to 9-a-side at U11. The field, ball, and goals are proportional to the size and strength of the players and each player has many opportunities for involvement with the ball and the competition of the game. (Each age level has its own playing rules. You can find Mod Playing Rules by clicking on the arrow -> ). These teams play other teams within NYSA and, even though scores and standings are not kept, efforts are made to place teams in the appropriate division in their age group to keep as level a playing field as possible.

The philosophy for mod soccer: 'This game is for the children, let them learn and play, but above all, let them have fun.'

U12 to U19 Recreational Soccer

U12 to U19 recreational soccer teams play 11-a-side. NYSA's recreational program is for the player who wants to play for fun and recreation. Registration for U12 to U19 recreational teams is done just like U6 to U11 teams. NYSA forms teams around school attendance areas as much as possible.

U10 to U19 Premier Soccer

U10 premier teams play either 6-a-side soccer or 9-a-side soccer. U11 premier teams play 9-a-side soccer. U12 to U19 premier teams play 11-a-side. Premier soccer is for the player who wants to play at a higher skill level, play year round, and is ready for the commitment required by that level.

U11 to U19 Select Soccer

U11 select teams play play 9-a-side soccer. U12 to U19 select teams play 11-a-side. Select soccer is for the player who wants to play at a higher skill level, but not year round.

Tryouts and Info Nights

The FC Alliance (premier teams) and NSC (select teams) hold tryouts for their teams in March for boys U16-18 and in May for everyone else. Please check the FC Alliance website, www.fcalliance.com-> or the NSC website, www.northshoreselect.org,-> dates, fields and times.

Information Night meetings for FC Alliance and NSC are offered to answer parent questions about the program requirements and premier & select play in general. Check the NYSA's website What's New? and Calendar for dates, times, and locations.

Updated Feb 2012