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What's that U designation mean in my team age?Printable

U stands for "Under". The age designation is a popular naming scheme that soccer has been using for quite some time. It basically indicates that a player at a particular level will not have achieved a calendar age by a specific date.

The current 'Age Level Chart' will help you find your player's 'U' age. It will also tell you the current player fees per age level.More

Gotta divide up somewhere

The NYSA's registration cut off date and registration policies are intentionally consistent with the WSYSA and our other directly affiliated organizations throughout the U.S. The NYSA's mechanism is NOT necessarily THE SAME as the local school districts, the Olympic Development Program (ODP), etc. (they have their own mechanisms for categorizing players).

We recognize that no matter where you pick a cut off date, there will be someone (sometimes, multiple someones) one day on the wrong side of the cut off. We do make efforts to recognize the subtle pressures children have at the young ages (playing with kids in their own grade, etc.), but cannot arbitrarily change the cut off date for registering within our Association.

Updated Feb 2014More

The NYSA Registrar (Registrar@NorthshoreSoccer.org) is responsible for setting local Registration policies and procedures associated with registering players.