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RMA -- How does it Work?Printable

Each time a NYSA member logs on to the NYSA website, the website will automatically retrieve your current RMA (Risk Management Application) information from the Affinity Sports website and update the NYSA website.

This retrieval process requires that the Name and Birthdate listed in the NYSA member's Profile matches exactly the same information stored in the WA Youth Soccer Affinity database.

If you have logged on the NYSA site and find that your RMA information is blank, then either:

  1. Your RMA has not been approved by WA Youth Soccer

  2. Your name does not match what is in the WA Youth Soccer Affinity database

  3. Your birthdate is missing in your NYSA Profile or does not match your birthdate in your Affinity account.

If you have received confirmation from WA Youth Soccer that your RMA is approved, your NYSA profile has your birthdate, and your NYSA profile's legal name matches the name you used when submitting your RMA, then please email the NYSA office to help resolve this issue at: office@northshoresoccer.org

Updated January 2014