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NYSA Field Usage RulesPrintable

The following items apply to all NYSA members. This shall include practices, games, and all fields/locations used by NYSA.

  1. The COACH is responsible for the behavior and conduct of the players, parents, siblings, and spectators.
  2. Adult supervision of field activities is mandatory. Players may not take the field without a coach present.
  3. Only NYSA participants are allowed on the field during our scheduled use time.
  4. You may not enter the field/location prior to your scheduled time. You must leave on or before your scheduled ending time. Any pre- or post-game meetings should take place off field and outside gates.
  5. If you arrive to find the gates locked, then absolutely, positively, do NOT jump or climb the fence. Please call your NYSA field scheduler.
  6. Please pick up any water bottles, litter, etc. off the field and dispose of it whether it belongs to you, your team, or someone else.
  7. NO Use of Alcohol, Drugs, or Tobacco. No profane language, boisterous behavior, or other objectionable demeanor.
  8. NYSA is financially responsible for damage or vandalism during our sponsored activities.
  10. Picnicking and parking in marked areas only. Please do not park in fire lanes. Local law enforcement has been known to issue tickets.
  11. No Fireworks, No Firearms, No Weapons
  12. Non soccer related equipment is not to be used by NYSA. Please do not play with/in/on football-blocking sleds, long-jump pit, the pole-vault pads, hurdles, etc.
  13. Permission for use of loudspeakers or concession/merchandise stands must be obtained in advance.
  14. On Northshores School District fields, spectators must sit in the stands if available. Spectators are not allowed to stand or sit in chairs on any portion of the track. No heaters, tents, personal gear bags, or team gear bags can be placed on the track surface. On all fields, no heaters or anything that pentrates the field surface is allowed.
  15. Only water is allowed on the fields. No gum, seeds, food, or drinks (i.e. coffee, tea, sports drinks, etc.) on the turf or track surfaces.
  16. Please remove any grass, dirt, etc. from cleats before going onto a turf field.
  17. NEVER attempt to clear snow from any turf field under ANY circumstances!

    Updated Feb 2012