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How do I register a player 'in person'?Printable

Open Registration is held in the NYSA Office-> during normal office hours beginning April 1 and various evenings in April/May and one Saturday in May. The last day of Open Registration is listed in Information:Calendar. You can also find the start of Late Registration there.More

Although Online Registration is available on the website through the last day of Open Registration, In-Person Open Registration is still an option. Flyers announcing Open Registration are sent to the Northshore School District and Monroe School District for Maltby Elementary school children in March/April.More

Who can register at Open Registration?

Anyone wishing to register 'in-person' may go to Open Registration:

-New Players must show an original (or copy of) certified birth certificate, passport, or valid state ID. (Hospital and baptismal certificates are not accepted.) See What is required as proof of birth? for what is acceptable.
-Returning Players start registering online in April, but they have until the last day of Open Registration to be placed back on their old team. After that date there is no guarantee there will be room on their old team. (New players can also register online.)
Updated Jan 2015