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How do I become a Referee?Printable

To referee matches for NYSA, you must be 13 years old or older, attend a Grade 8 referee clinic, and pass the examination at the end of the clinic.

Grade 8 Referee Clinics

NYSA usually offers the Grade 8 referee clinics (note: referee grades are not related to school grade levels). NYSA typically offers the referee clinics in May, July and August. Also other soccer associations offer referee clinics and it does not matter which soccer association you take the referee clinic from. You can referee anywhere in Washington State and for any soccer association. To see a listing of all the referee clinics offered in Washington, please go to www.wareferees.org,-> and click on Clinics/Events, then click on Entry -- Never been ... (no need to log on). Watch for announcements on the NYSA website and in the NYSA Newsletter for exact dates and times that NYSA will be offering referee clinics.

The Grade 8 clinic is typically one day (8:30am to 5:00pm) classroom and on-field instruction with a written exam at the end of the day. It covers the Laws of the Game, game situations, and how to interpret the Laws. Also prior to the clinic there is about 3 hours of video that you will need to watch.

Grade 8 referees can center referee (CR) and assistant referee (AR) any age level recreational and select/premier games (assuming the referee has sufficient refereeing experience).

How much does it cost to become a Referee?

There are annual and one time costs of:
1) The Grade 8 clinics typically cost $15 to $50 (one time cost).
2) All referees pay an annual $50 USSF registration fee.
3) One time cost of purchasing your Referee Uniform -- typically $40. A representative from Winners Sportswear sometimes comes to the referee clinic and you can purchase a referee kit then. Or you can purchase uniforms online through Whistleline or purchase retail through Soccer West or Sports Authority.

What does NYSA pay for?

NYSA pays:
1) Referees to referee U8 to U19 soccer games as a center referee (CR) or assistant referee (AR).
2) a $50 referee bonus for referees that referee (CR or AR) 15 or games during the fall season through December 31. The bonus is typically paid in the week following the month in which the 15th game is refereed.

Updated March 2015